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The biggest adventure of all has just begun: to fearlessly discover your amazing soulmates.

You are One of Us.
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Discover a New Soulmate

How it works

  • Welcome to a life-changing new online service that can match you with your soulmates that you didn't know you have. Totally anonymously and thus fearlessly.
  • No tracking, no ads, no sharing of your data with others, no dependency on any other social media accounts.
  • Voice only connections, meaning you can explore and connect without being judged by your looks, gender, race, or age and can decide to drop out of conversations at any time.
  • You request any desired call topic. For the cost of a cup of tea, you are anonymously matched with a prospective soulmate. Upon being matched, you will receive an invite for an up to 25 minute 1:1 call via a private conference line that we establish and pay for you - so that you can remain anonymous throughout.
  • If you would like to continue the conversation with a previously matched soulmate and the soulmate agrees, you two can be matched again - all while staying anonymous as long as you want.
  • This provides you with utmost safety and privacy while discovering as many amazing soulmates as you like.
  • Why do we have to charge a matching fee? That is the only way to keep bots at bay and pay for all operations, security and development costs without selling your privacy like others do.
Cool, let's go!
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